Welcome to Leuven

On this website you will find many different hair accessories for everyone, from birth. For example, I have hair bands, different types of hair clips, hair bands and diadems in the range.

Everything is made with care and love.

Do you have specific wishes? I'd love to look at the possibilities with you. Fill in the contact form, send an email to info@leuvies.nl or send a DM via Instagram or Facebook.


I'm Angela. I live in Vlijmen with my husband Martijn and daughters Rose (February 2021) and Jill (August 2022). A born Frisian, but now I enjoy living in cozy Brabant. During and after my studies I traveled a lot and then I already said that I could live anywhere if only there were nice people around me. The name 'Leuvies' comes from my maiden name van Leuveren. The Frisian side of my girls' and myself's family.

In my spare time I like to dance. Until 2017 I danced ballroom at a high level. That's how I met my husband Martijn. Now that we have children, it is no longer possible to be involved in dance sports all week, but I still enjoy Zumba and Salsa lessons once a week. In addition to dancing, I have always liked to be creative, for example I also drew the birth announcements of our daughters myself and I gave the girls' (play) furniture a makeover so that they would fit well in our interior.

In addition to this webshop, I work as a teacher in primary education. When I was on maternity leave from Jill I got a new creative idea and started making hair accessories. Initially with the intention of doing this only for my girls, but the reactions were so positive that I decided to open this webshop.

Have fun shopping!